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Wertlab, Germany

Wertlab, Germany

Wertlab Laboratory Volumetric Glassware: Measuring Pipette, Bulb pipette, Burette and Automatic Burette All glasswares from Wertlab Germany are made from borosilicate. Borosilicate glass is more resistant to thermal shock, lower thermal expansion, and more resistant...
Wertlab, Germany

Samco, UK

Product range: specimen tube and bottle, vial, aspirator bottle, glass syringe, wash bottle, brush, spatula, forcep, scissors and other consumables High quality PP Aspirator with durable dispenser. Share this For more information, please visit our showroom or contact...
Wertlab, Germany

Kimble Chase, USA

Kimble Chase product range: test tube, media bottle, vial, tissue grinder, NMR tube and other high-quality glassware. High quality glasswares and disposable pellet pestle with consistent finishing, only from the manufacturing plants entrusted by Kimble Chase in the...
Wertlab, Germany

Hamilton, UK

Product range: microsyringe for gas/liquid handling Micro-syringe with removable needle, fully autoclavable, to be used for gas handling or liquid handling. Share this For more information, please visit our showroom or contact us on +603-6140 8613 Product Information...
Wertlab, Germany

Glasfirn, Germany

Product range: pi-pump, measuring cylinder, measuring pipette, bulb pipette, automatic burette, burette, volumetric flask and test tube Durable Pi-Pump, pipette filler, and other German-made glasswares for laboratory use. Share this For more information, please visit...
Wertlab, Germany

GQ, China

Product range: glassware, porcelain ware and plasticware Clear glass desiccator to keep your laboratory chemicals. Share this For more information, please visit our showroom or contact us on +603-6140 8613 Product Information Item Code Description GLASSWARE RANGE 1101...

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