We do not classify our products as medical devices. Our products are recommended for laboratory professional use only.

WLD-Tec, Germany

Product range: automatic gas burner and heat steriliser
Innovative Robust Modern Stainless steel laboratory burner with maximum safety features for laboratory and industry use.
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Product Information

Item Code
Brochure 5001000
Incinerator to kill bacteria, Sterimax, flameless steriliser, sterilise after 5 to 10 sec., reach temperature of 900 to 950°C (1742°F)
Brochure 6007000
Gasprofi burner, Gasprofi 1 – micro, button control
Brochure 8200000
Gasprofi burner, Fuego SCS, IR Sensor, graphic display & button function
Brochure 8001000
Gasprofi burner, Fuego SCS Basic with foot pedal