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Parafilm, USA

Product range: sealing film

Parafilm M, laboratory sealing film, is waterproof, stretchable, moldable, colourless and self-adhering.

It is a versatile protection film that provide moisture barrier to culture media yet it is gas-permeable. It is popular in the laboratory because of its moldability that offers flexibility to seal various objects and apparatus with irregular surfaces and openings.

In a less known yet common field, it is widely used for organic fresh-cut produce. It is used to control ripening and therefore protect the fresh cut produce from fast deterioration.

1. The film is not suitable for use with chlorinated, non-polar alphatic and aromatic solvents.
2. The film becomes soft and sticky at about 68°C

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Product Information

Item Code
Sealing Film (Parafilm M) 2″ x 250′
Sealing Film (Parafilm M) 4″ x 125′