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Product range: animal feeding needle

For scientific research, laboratory animal such as rat and mice has become the quintessential lab model. The species is bred and reared to cater to the need of the research world.

Photo: Animal feeding needle
The stainless steel, blunt tip needle comes in different gauge and usually either curve or straight. It is commonly used by animal lab to dispense precise amount of feed to the animals. It is smooth and round to minimise injury during feeding.

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Product Information

Item Code
Animal feeding needle, curved, G20 x 1.5″, pack of 12pcs
Animal feeding needle, curved, G18 x 2″, pack of 12pcs
Animal feeding needle, curved, G20 x 3″, pack of 12pcs
Animal feeding needle, curved, G18 x 4″, pack of 12pcs
Animal feeding needle, straight, G22 x 1.5″, pack of 12pcs
Animal feeding needle, straight, G13 x 3″, pack of 12pcs

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