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Kern Classic Balance 440-33N

Kern Classic Balance 440-33N | Copens Scientific Malaysia

Kern Classic Balance 440-33N

The classic balance in the laboratory

Product Description


Adjusting program (CAL)
Data interface RS-232
Piece counting
Recipe level A
Percentage determination
Weighing units
Vibration-free weighing
Suspended weighing
Battery operation
Universal mains adapter
Strain gauge


Rechargeable battery pack
  • Compact size, practical for small spaces
  • Percentage determination: makes it possible to store a given weight value (100 %) and to determine deviations from this target value
  • Ring-shaped draught shield standard, only for models with weighing plate size , weighing space Ø×H 90×40 mm
  • Protective working cover included with delivery

Product Video

Technical Specification


Casing material Plastic
Dimensions housing (W×D×H) 165 mm x 230 mm x 82 mm
Material weighing plate Stainless steel
Weighing space (W×D×H) 100 mm x 200 mm x 100 mm
Weighing surface (d) 105 mm

Services (optional)

Adjustment at the location of installation 961-247
DAkkS Certificate 963-127


Display digit height (large) 15mm

Power supply

Battery 9 V Block
Charging time 10 h
Input voltage 100-240V AC 50/60Hz 0.5A
Mains adapter/adapter included CH UK US EURO
Operating time 20 h
Operating time (Backlight off) 20 h
Rechargeable battery Rchrg. battery optional


Counting function Yes
Percentage determination Yes
Vibration-free weighing (Animal weighing program) Yes


Brand KERN
Category Balances
Product Group Precision balance

Measuring system

Adjustment options External calibration
Eccentric loading at 1/3 [Max] 30 mg
Linearity 20 mg
Readability [d] 10 mg
Recommended adjusting weight 200 g (M1)
Repeatability 10 mg
Resolution 20000
Stabilisation time under laboratory conditions 3 s
Warm up time 30 min
Weighing capacity [Max] 200 g
Weighing system Strain gauge
Weighing units dwt g mo lb tl (Tw) gn ct oz ozt kg tl (HK) tol

Environmental conditions

Maximum humidity 80%
Maximum operating temperature 35 °C
Minimum ambient temperature 5 °C
Minimum humidity 5 %


Dimensions packaging (W×D×H) 210 mm x 350 mm x 175 mm
Gross weight 1,365 kg
Net weight 952 g


Counting resolution 10000
Mininum piece weight at piece counting (Laboratory) 20 mg
Mininum piece weight at piece counting (Normal) 200 mg