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Kern Bench Scale FKB 8K

Kern Bench Scale FKB 8K | Copens Scientific Malaysia

Kern Bench Scale FKB 8K

High-resolution bench scale with large weighing range and robust stainless steel weighing plate

Product Description


Adjusting program (CAL)
Data interface RS-232
Percentage determination
Piece counting
Totalising level A
Weighing units
Vibration-free weighing
Battery operation
Universal mains adapter
Strain gauge


Rechargeable battery pack


WLAN data interface
  • Thanks to the high resolution of up to 360000 points it is ideal for high-precision weighing in the industrial field
  • Particularly practical: thanks to the large weighing ranges and compact dimensions, you can accurately weigh heavy loads in the most restricted of spaces. Useful for determining very small weight differences, such as, e.g. gas wastage, abrasion of mechanical parts, rock samples, minerals, druses, silver etc.
  • PRE-TARE function for manual subtraction of a known container weight, useful for checking fill-levels
  • Freely programmable weighing unit, e.g. display directly in special units such as length of wire g/m, surface weight g/m2 (paper, material, metal)

Technical Specification


Casing material Plastic
Dimensions housing (W×D×H) 350 mm x 390 mm x 120 mm
Dimensions of weighing plate (W×D×H) 340 mm x 240 mm x 21 mm
Level indicator Yes
Material weighing plate Stainless steel
Revolving screw feet Yes
Weighing surface (WxD) 340 mm x 240 mm

Services (optional)

DAkkS Certificate 963-128


Display digit height (large) 25mm

Power supply

Battery 6×1.5 V AA
Charging time 10 h
Input voltage 100 V – 240V AC 50/60Hz 0.3A
Mains adapter Mains adapter external
Mains adapter/adapter included UK AUS EURO US CH
Operating time 80 h
Operating time (Backlight off) 90 h
Operating time (Backlight on) 40 h
Rechargeable battery Rchrg. battery optional – intern


Conversion function Yes (FKB 8K0.05)
Counting function Yes
Percentage determination Yes
PRE-TARE function Yes
Standby function Yes (FKB 8K0.1)
Vibration-free weighing (Animal weighing program) Yes
Weighing with tolerance range Yes


Brand KERN
Category Balances
Product Group Bench scale

Measuring system

Adjustment options External calibration
Eccentric loading at 1/3 [Max] 500 mg (FKB 8K0.05), 1g (FKB 8K0.1)
Linearity 500 mg (FKB 8K0.05), 1g (FKB 8K0.1)
Readability [d] 50 mg (FKB 8K0.05), 100 mg (FKB 8K0.1)
Recommended adjusting weight 5 kg (F1); 2 kg (F1); 1 kg (F1)
Repeatability 50 mg (FKB 8K0.05), 100 mg (FKB 8K0.1)
Resolution 160000 (FKB 8K0.05), 80000 (FKB 8K0.1)
Stabilisation time under laboratory conditions 3 s (FKB 8K0.05), 2 s (FKB 8K0.1)
Warm up time 2 h
Weighing capacity [Max] 8 kg
Weighing system Strain gauge
Weighing units oz dwt g lb gn ffa ozt kg

Environmental conditions

Maximum humidity 80%
Maximum operating temperature 40 °C
Minimum ambient temperature -10 °C


Dimensions packaging (W×D×H) 470 mm x 470 mm x 190 mm
Gross weight 7,400 kg (FKB 8K0.05), 7,500 kg (FKB 8K0.1)
Net weight 6,300 kg (FKB 8K0.05), 6,500 (FKB 8K0.1)


Counting resolution 160000 (FKB 8K0.05), 80000 (FKB 8K0.1)
Mininum piece weight at piece counting (Laboratory) 50 mg (FKB 8K0.05), 100mg (FKB 8K0.1)
Mininum piece weight at piece counting (Normal) 500 mg (FKB 8K0.05), 1g (FKB 8K0.1)