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GLW, Germany

Product range: PP tube storage box and rack (suitable for cryostorage)

Test tube rack that can withstand temperature range of -80 to +121°C.

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Product Information

Item Code
PP tube storage box with cover, 10 holes x 30 mm dia / 2 holes x 17 mm dia, 130 x 130 x 125 mm high
PP tube storage box with cover, 25 holes x 17 mm dia., 130 x 130 x 125 mm high
PP storage box with cover for 0.2 PCR tubes, 196 holes x 7.5 mm dia., 130 x130 x 28.5 mm high
Cryo tube box with fit-in cover, 9 x 9 holes x 1.5 ml, 130 x 130 x 45 mm high
Cryo tube box with clip and hinged cover, 10 x 10 holes x 1.5 ml, 140 x 153 x 53 mm high
Falcon tube Rack, PP, -80 to +121°C, 18 holes, 17 mm dia., 122 x 88 x 70 mm high
Falcon tube Rack, PP, -80 to +121°C, 12 holes, 30 mm dia., 234 x 88 x 70 mm high

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