We do not classify our products as medical devices. Our products are recommended for laboratory professional use only.
Product range: Sterile swab, spreader and inoculation loop.
Sterile L-shaped spreader with durability and reliable sterility to be used for microbiological and other laboratory purposes. For other sterile swab and inoculation loops, please contact us at info@copens-sci.com
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For more information, please visit our showroom or contact us on +603-6140 8613

Product Information

Item Code
Plain swab, plastic applicator with rayon tip, individual sterile in tube
Sterile rayon tip swab, plastic applicator, peel pouch
L-shaped spreader, sterile, 5 pcs per pack
Inoculation loop, 1 μl, sterile, pack of 10’s
Inoculation loop, 10 μl, sterile, pack of 10’s
For Amies swab, flocked swab, swab with rinse kits, universal transport medium and other Copan products, please send email to info@copens-sci.com