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Product range: Absolute ethanol, buffer tablets, analytical reagents such as methanol, xylene, petroleum spirit, and pathological stains such as Giemsa’s, Haematoxylin Harris, Leishman’s, Mollifex, Papanicolaou stain E.A.50 and O.G.6

BDH (British Drug Houses) chemicals are targeted to professional users who aim for reliable, high quality chemicals for their laboratory needs. BDH, when merged with Prolabo, have become more streamlined and specific. Experienced and professional scientists are faithful to this half-a-century-old chemical brand because it yields consistent results.

Copens has been actively importing and distributing BDH Prolabo chemicals for more than a decade. We also supply to the pathological labs around Malaysia.

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For more information, please visit our showroom or contact us on +603-6140 8613

Product Information

Item Code
Ethanol absolute analytical reagent
Methanol analytical reagent
Xylene analytical reagent
Buffer tablet pH6.8
Leishman’s staining solution
Papanicolaou stain O.G.6
Papanicolaou stain E.A.50
Harris Haematoxylin, mercury free
Giemsa’s staining solution

We wish to advise that until 14th April 2020, Copens will be fully operative via online avenues, which are e-mail and WhatsApp 012-2916393, for all enquiries and orders.

Urgent deliveries via KTM courier are still possible however, some delays are to be expected.

Self pick-up is not preferred and almost not possible unless it is under very urgent circumstances. Prior arrangement via e-mail must be made in advanced, and subject to approval.

Please take care and stay healthy.

Best regards,
Copens Management Team