We do not classify our products as medical devices. Our products are recommended for laboratory professional use only.

A.E. Chapman, UK

Product range: Pathological Vial, bottle and cap
Pathological vials are commonly used in laboratories in research institutes and medical centres. The moulded vials are frost-free that often include rust-free caps, plastic stoppers or rubber/metal closure (to be opened by crimper). Photo: Bijou bottle with screw cap Bijou bottle is a small-sized vial in the shape of a bottle. It is popular in laboratories because of the flat bottom, small capacity and the screw cap.
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Product Information

Item Code
White PP screw cap, 22 mm, autoclavable, to fit McCartney bottle
L669img L669-SD
Labmart Universal Bottle with gold lacquered silicone lined screw cap, 28ml, heavy duty, frost free
Original Universal bottle, rubber lined aluminium screw cap, 28 ml, heavy duty, frost-free
White polypropylene cap, 28 mm to fit Universal Bottle
Gold lacquered aluminium cap, 28 mm, to fit J669
Original Bijou bottle, aluminium screw cap, 14 ml, heavy duty, frost-free
Original Bijou bottle, aluminium screw cap, 7 ml, heavy duty, frost-free
White PP screw cap to fit M218/K14, 20 mm., autoclavable
Aluminium screw cap, 20 mm, to fit M218/K14