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N-Biotek, Korea

Product range: shaker, rocker, incubator, waterbath, thermal block, vacuum concentrator

As the research laboratories are getting smaller and sample is getting lesser, most of the times compact scientific apparatus and equipment are selected to equip the lab. To cater to the popular demand, N-Biotek from South Korea has manufactured and assembled some lab products at affordable price without compromising on the quality.

Photo: Laboratory Rocker
It is usually used when gentle mixing is required.

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Product Information

Item Code
Mini orbital shaker c/w 6 x 250 ml clips, 300rpm
Orbital shaker, c/w 25 x 250 ml clips, 340 rpm, digital
display & control, with timer function
Rocker, 10-35 rpm, adjustable angle to tilt, ideal for 96-
well plate, Petri dish, culture flask
Hybridisation incubator, +5 to +80°C, 40 lit, 45 rpm, c/w
8 x 40mm dia. x 200mm length bottle rack
CO2 Incubator, 179 lit, plasma / heat sterilisation
function, ambient+5 to +60°C, CO2 range 0-20%, c/w 3
Shaking Incubator c/w 6 x 250 ml clips, ambient+5 to
+60°C, 30-300rpm, digital control & display, with timer
Orbital shaking water bath c/w spring rack & cover,
ambient+5 to +80°C, 30-200 rpm, 12 lit
Reciprocal shaking water bath c/w spring rack & cover,
ambient+5 to +80°C, 30-200rpm, 12 lit
Thermal block c/w 2x aluminium blocks (20 x 1.5ml),
Peltier system, -4 to +80°C
Thermal block c/w 2x aluminium blocks (20 x 1.5ml),
heater system, ambient+5°C to +120°C
IR vacuum concentrator c/w PTFE pump & rotor for 24 x
1.5ml, 1x real scope used to check residual quantity w/o
opening the lid, 160 mBar, 3 speeds (1700/2500/5000
rpm), ambient+5 to +70°C