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Support / Service - Copens Scientific - Malaysia's Laboratory Supplier
 Scientific (M) Sdn. Bhd.
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Support / Services

CALIBRATION service of micropipette is available.

Please contact us at to enquire. 


BIOSAFETY & LAMINAR FLOW services (includes labour & material to perform fumigation and change of HEPA filter)

are available. Please contact us at to enquire. 

(Biosafety service - limited to Telstar only / unit sold by Copens Scientific only)


Overview of Possible Applications with MEMMERT products :

 site/data/fckfiles/2 MEMMERT PRODUCT APPLICATION.png


Guideline to download Certificate of Analysis (CoA) and MSDS for BDH Prolabo :

site/data/fckfiles/MSDS & CoA_revised.pdf


Comparison Chart between Whatman, UK & CHM, Spain :

site/data/fckfiles/Comparison chart CHM vs Whatman.pdf


Chemical Tolerance for Vitlab Bottle Top Dispenser (Simplex) :

site/data/fckfiles/Usage range_simplex & genius.pdf


Chemical Stability for Eppendorf Bottle Top Dispenser (Varispenser) :

site/data/fckfiles/Chemical stability_Varispenser.pdf


General and Technical Information on Plastics and their Properties

- classification, type description, physical properties, chemical resistance, cleaning and sterilisation.

site/data/fckfiles/Technical Info_Vitlab.pdf




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