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Tedia, USA - Copens Scientific - Malaysia's Laboratory Supplier
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Tedia, USA


Product range : High purity solvents.

Since 1975, Tedia has focused on producing high purity solvents for worldwide customers. The Company performs multi-step purification process includes chemical pre-treatment, physical absorption, and fractional batch distillation to remove trace impurities from the solvents. Every batch is rigorously tested and certified to ensure all solvents meet specifications.


Copens assures you of the consistent high quality and highly competitive prices on the following few HPLC grade chemicals :

Top Selling

AS1122-001   Acetonitrile HPLC

MS1922-001   Methanol HPLC 

Popular and Competitive

DS1432-001   Dichloromethane HPLC

HS1722-001   Hexane 95% HPLC

PS2132-001   Propan-2-ol (IPA) HPLC

TS2132-001   Toluene HPLC

WS2211-001   Water HPLC


Please contact us for quotation and further enquiry. We are keen to hear from you and discuss about the marketing activities.

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