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Product range: Heating mantle

Application : To apply direct heat to glass container without excessive temperature gradient.

Heating element temperature : up to 450°C

Case construction : Steel with chemically resistant powder coating

Thermal insulation : Asbestos-free ceramic wool (Fibre glass)

Heating element : Nichrome wire

Mantle : Woven glass fibre mat.

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Available Sizes

Item code Description
GLHMP-F250 Heating mantle for flask 200 / 250 / 300 ml
GLHMP-F500 Heating mantle for flask 500 ml
GLHMP-F1000 Heating mantle for flask 1000 ml
GLHMP-F2000 Heating mantle for flask 2000 ml
GLHMP-F3000 Heating mantle for flask 3000 ml
GLHMP-F5000 Heating mantle for flask 5000 ml
GLHMP-F10000 Heating mantle for flask 10 litre
GLCM-F506H 6-position heating mantle for flask 500 ml


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